Audacity Clean Dark Theme

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I made a clean dark theme for Audacity if anyone is interested. Hopefully will make editing sound in the dark easier.

Download Here:


Podel1's clean dark theme in Audacity 2-2-0.gif
That’s a lot easier on the eye than the new default light theme (which was frying my retinas).

If I can fathom-out the puzzle of what area on “ImageCache” controls what, I’ll make a shades-of-grey version : same as the true classic appearance, not the current “Classic” impostor.

Thanks Podel1.
I’ve moved this topic to the “Audacity Artwork and Graphics” section.

Perhaps you could upload the theme ZIP file here on the forum so that:
a) It’s easier for people to download
b) it remains available even if change the links.

Removing white from the spectrogram is a step too far IMO …
zero & maximum are both black, that's not right.png

This isn’t true classic, but it’s nearer Classic gray theme … light-theme versus gray-blue theme

Podel1's clean dark theme in Audacity 211 (red wave selected).gif


11th June 2019 (1.1)

  • Fixed Spectro highlight colour
  • New flat, simpler icons
  • Lowered RGB value on white button colours
  • Lowered contrast on red buttons
  • Blue audio peaks in RMS mod

Thanks for fixing the spectrogram

50bb3e0eb0691e8cd5f15c77cb51427f (1).png
Looks fine to me

Great theme, One of the Best indeed! But i would like to personalize it a bit according to my taste. Can you provide us an svg file? so that i can make some changes.

Who are you talking to?
Podel1 provided a link in the first post.

Please note that SVG files cannot be used for this. The theme image file gas to be PNG format. See: Missing features - Audacity Support

Хочу скачать файл темной темы для программы, а переходя по ссылке выдает 404 ошибку? Поделитесь файлом кому не жалко!

There is a dark theme included in Audacity 2.3.3. See: Themes - Audacity Manual
The theme file for the first post in this topic appears to have been removed. We have no control of content on third party sites.

Переводчик Google:
В Audacity 2.3.3 есть темная тема. См .: Themes - Audacity Manual.
Файл темы для первого сообщения в этой теме, похоже, был удален. Мы не контролируем контент на сторонних сайтах.


1st March 2020 (1.2)

  • New colour choices (Blue, Green, Purple, Cyan, White)
  • Coloured highlight when Solo/Mute button is selected
  • Lighter grey timecode section above waveform

Audacity Clean Dark Theme 1.2 - By (226 KB)

So that people that don’t have an account at Deviantart can try out your theme, you can upload the “ImageCache.png” as an attachment to your post.

As this forum provides permanent storage, it also avoids annoyance when the file is no longer available on Deviantart.

No prob, done


This is what it looks like with Audacity 2.4.0 on Linux with a dark Desktop theme. I’m using the standard track colours as I like to be able to see the RMS level.
I find the contrast between selected and not selected audio to be not that easy to see at times, and the text in the Device Toolbar is virtually invisible, but it’s a good looking theme for those that like dark themes.

Hi @pode1 this is a relly nice theme.

Just found the wiki address on how to do your own theme. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the good job on creating your theme. It is super smooth on the eyes.
Thank you for your time.

Do you guys think that there would be an interest from the audacity users if we try to create an unofficial repository of themes? Maybe in Github as well? So having a repository we can become more organized and help new users create their own skins as well.

What do you guys think? Would it be useful or a waste of time?

Thank you.

How many themes are there? My guess is that there’s only about 10 in the 2.x format that have been posted to this forum, and a similar number in the old 1.3.x format. Perhaps there are more themes on other sites, but I’ve not looked for them. Have you?