Audacity can't properly lower sample rate?

I bought a song that is 24bit 192khz. I want to lower it to 48khz.

It looks like this in a spectrogram:
12-Sometimes It Snows In April.flac

After opening this file in Audacity I go to “Tracks” and then “Resample” and set it to 48000.
This seemingly works fine and after it’s done it looks like this:

So I export it as flac at 24bit and it seemingly works like intended, but after putting it in a spectrogram it looks like this:

Then when I open this file again in Audacity the sample rate is 192000 again.

What is going wrong?

The Audcaity project-rate is set the same as the first file opened, in your case 192kHz.
Resampling the track in Audacity to to 48kHz did not change the project-rate.
So when you export the audio, the sample-rate is the project-rate, which is still 192kHz, (not 48kHz).

To cure this insanity you have to change the project-rate in preferences (to 48kHz) before exporting.

Wow, really? It worked like you said.

Why would it even show the correct resampled rate in the file and then still export it to the original?

Anyway, thanks again!

This will change in a future version of Audacity (possibly the upcoming 3.4.0)

The Export dialog is being reworked to offer more control options at export time, one of which will be the sample rate of the exported file (so no longer relying on the, now hidden, Project Sample Rate).

It is also possible that importing (the first audio file) will no longer change the Project Sample rate that you have set. There is a GitHub issue logged for this, but it remains yet to be implemented.


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