Audacity cannot record from audio interface

Hi all, i am a noob, so please bear with me.

My setup is the following:
mac os 10.14.6 (18G95)
focusrite clarett 4pre
audio tehnica 1240 usb

i connected the rca line outputs from the turntable into the line inputs of the audio interface, connected the audio interface to mac. i followed this guide: and i also saw this post but it doesn’t seem to be solving it in my scenario.

Recording directly from usb works fine.

Could you kindly help me?

Thank you and have a nice day!

So just plugging in the turntable via USB seems to work OK?

Did the Focusrite say it can work with a Mac? Did it come with software drivers? Some multi-channel interfaces present themselves as groups of stereo channels, not all 18 at the same time. So that would give you 1 and 2 (stereo left and right) or 3 and 4, or 5 and 6, etc. It’s up to you to cycle through the options until you hit one you like.

What’s the goal using the Focusrite? I don’t see anywhere that it has a phono preamp onboard, so you would have to switch your turntable to Line Out mode and use the electronics in the turntable before the Focusrite.

If you switch the turntable to raw cartridge (no built-in preamp), then you have to come up with an RIAA conversion somewhere. The sound from a cartridge is not perfect, flat and true. It has intentional tonal boosts and dips. Converting it later in Audacity is highly not recommended because cartridge mismatch problems can cause sound distortion.

Using the USB on the turntable is probably the best option.

If you really want to use an external phono preamp, we have found the Art Phono Plus to work well. There are others, but this one has a volume control.