Audacity Bugs

I am new user of Audacity ver.2.4.2 and my Windows 10 ver. 20H2 (OS Build19042.804). The Audacity I have just paid it to install from Microsoft Store. Which I have some bug occurred during export audio file after editing as listed below:


Anyone help me please !

Thanks !
log.txt (1.53 KB)
Audacity.xml (18.3 KB)
audacity.cfg (4.75 KB)

The real Audacity® software is free and is not in Microsoft Store (Redirecting to:
If you paid money for it, then I’d suggest that you contact the retailer, demand that they provide support for “their” product or give you a full refund.

Our free official download can be obtained here:

Hi steve,

Thanks so much for the respondent and advice. Isn’t Audacity® in Microsoft Store from our support ? If so, how dare they provided the software to Microsoft Store for people to pay for them? Actually the software from the support team is free on own website.

Thanks again, steve

Thanks so much, waxcylinder

It seems that someone (a parasite) unrelated to the Audacity Team has decided to profiteer from our work. They’ve put “Audacity” (or possibly a modified version of Audacity) into Microsoft Store so that they can pocket the money from people that assume (incorrectly) that they are supporting our work. Whoever is selling Audacity on Microsoft Store is doing so illegally because they are breaching our registered trademark.

(Microsoft Store have been, or soon will be contacted with a take-down notice for that software - I don’t deal with that myself as it needs to come from an official representative of the trademark owner.)

We will eventually make Audacity available in Microsoft Store (and probably Apple Store), but developing, documenting and supporting this software has always been more important to us than making money from it.

I am happy to hear the prosecution to this. I lost $5 is not that worth, but just need to be clean so everyone would be happily supporting even free programs or paid programs.

Btw, will also waiting the developing one into Microsoft Store.

Love this program !