Audacity "auto-corrects" my input into..garbled underwater?

Win7 + Audacity 2.0.2 + basic soundcard to record some guitar.
I feed my guitar effect unit directly into “Mic in” on my soundcard.
Have used this config for years.

Now, when I record, it captures the first few seconds correctly,
but after a few seconds, it seems to process input on the fly and reduces it to nothing.
First it sounds like garbed underwater gurgling…then to nothing.

I know it’s a software thing, and not a hardware/cable/connection issue.
What setting accidentally got turned on??

Audacity does not modify live input.

Please try .

Please consider updating to the latest Audacity 2.0.5: .

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Com’on, installing a new version is a cop out.
Obviously, something is wrong, and it used to work fine.
Either it’s an Audacity setting or some sort of soundcard setting.
The physical connections are fine.

I installed the new Audacity and have the same issue.
Something is processing my input. I hear it fine in my speakers, but it’s getting TOTALLY reduced to almost garbed static when capturing in Audacity.
It has to be some setting somewhere.

I had to unselect this

Yes, as it says in .

It is not an Audacity problem, as we said.

Because it is not an Audacity problem, of course upgrading to the latest Audacity won’t solve it. But unless you have very good reasons not to upgrade, you should always have the latest Audacity version, because it will have the latest stable features and the latest bug fixes. :wink:


Plus, the developers don’t troubleshoot and bug-fix on old releases only the current version (and the Alpha development “nightlies”)