Audacity as passthrough

Hey , I am trying to do something with audacity
i have Virtual Audio Cable with 4 virtual cables running , my question now is if this is possible :
Virtual Cable 1 (Music Playing on this)
Virtual Cable 2 (Empty)
Virtual Cable 3 (Empty)
Virtual Cable 4 (Virtual Micro ex. for skype etc…)

what i want to do is this
V1 → V2 → AUDACITY → V3 → V4
so the sound that is on V2 goes through audacity and comes back out with a effect on it
so i want to use audacity as a HUB
is this achievable ?
or how do i accomplish this ?


Audacity doesn’t process sound in “real time” …

is there a program that can do this ?

check out sonar producer, nuendo, pro tools HD, and similar.
one of them should do what you need.

Why do you need to use Audacity in this set up. Is it not possible to achieve the same result just with Virtual Audio Cable?

any less expensive ?
lol :slight_smile:

maybe reason, reaper, ableton , or the “lite” versions of above

if they dont do what you need
wikipedia lists a big bunch of otehr software options you can check out
many free many cheap some expensive

If all you want is to add effects live, all you need is a VST host program (with Virtual Audio Cable)
Here’s a free one:
or another:
or another:
or Reaper is an inexpensive option.