Audacity and High Sierra

I’m in the unfortunate position that I may be forced to upgrade my Mac to High Sierra in the very near future. Other software I use have stopped supporting El Capitan (my current OS) and will probably stop running soon. Anyway, Audacity is one of the pieces of software that I use regularly and I want to know if

(a) it works under High Sierra and

(2) if there will finally be a 64-bit version of Audacity since Apple has said they will stop supporting 32-bit software. My take on reading all of Apple’s documentation is that they will prevent 32-bit software from running at all in a future release (sometime in 2018). The changes that they are making with High Sierra are pretty much mandatory (for example encrypted files whether you want them or not). I don’t know if it’s for the better or not but…

Thanks for any info.

In the course of QA testing I have been running Audacity vvarious versions, current 2.2.1, alpha for the upcoming 2.2.2 - and older versions - on High Sierra 10.12, 10.12.1, 10.12.2 and latterly 10.13.2 and all run just fine.


At least one of the Audacity QA guys and one Audacity developer are using High Sierra.
I’m still using Sierra and I’m holding off the upgrade for now because the upgrade will break the build script that makes the Mac “Nightly” builds.

There will eventually be a 64-bit build of Audacity, but we are holding off for now so as not to abandon users on 32-bit machines.

But why abandon them at all? It can’t be that hard to build for both architectures.

And even if the plan is to switch the builds to 64 bit only, surely those with 32 bit machines would still have access to earlier versions. That’s hardly abandonment, it’s just progress.

Just putting it out there that I think you’ve held off long enough. The time to go 64 bit is now.

Because Audacity is developed and maintained by a small group of volunteers in their spare time, and we don’t have the resources to maintain two architectures on Mac.
If you you would like to get involved and help, please see here: