Audacity 3.4: why is the join tracks by click not working !?

I could previously click between two separated tracks of audio, and join then by a click in between. That i used a lot lot lot ! now to my dissapointment, this does not work in Audacity 3.4 !! How can i activate it again? or return to Audacity 3.3 ?

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So in 3.4, you need to swipe the area containing the split, then Cmd+J. For 3.3.3 download see: Old Audacity versions download

@jademan , hi thank you for the reply !
i tried it out with CMD+J but that didn’t work for me.
I had to go to: Edit > Audio Clips > Join
That last one does work.

Do you know if the CMD+J works in MacOS Ventura 13.4.1 ?
Or why it might be that it does not work for me?

Thank you for your help!

Currently (in 3.4.0 and earlier) the Cmd+J shortcut is only in the Full set of shortcuts (which you can set in Shortcuts preferences.

There is an issue logged to move it to the default Standard shorter set of shortcuts:
move join shortcut to standard set #5498

But actually if I was doing a lot of this clip joining (which personally I don’t) I would change it to a single-key custom shortcut.


I totally miss the old line clicking.


People in the Windows forum unhappy with this new “enhancement” too. I’m reverting to 3.3 until they bring back this feature. I used click to join constantly.


Could we have a preference to enable clip-joining with a click on the line? The clip-joining always annoyed me when I just wanted to set the editing cursor to the start of a clip. I ended up assigning quick single-key shortcuts to move the cursor to the start or end of clip. That’s Transport (menu) Cursor to > Previous Clip Boundary and Next Clip Boundary.

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