Audacity 3.4 is out now!

Thank you for looking at the problem.
So far I fully deleted 3.4, installed previous 3.3.3 and everything works fine, as before. So, it does not look like my hardware/software issue.
Will stay on it untill the resolution.

Yes, indeed, I am recording in 24 bit (as those are the required specs for my project). Thank you so much for the information. I’ll look forward to 3.4.1 being released.


I have installed audacity 3.4 and I have problems with displaying the new beat grid and snap feature. Under the green triangle on the timeline, it displays the minutes and seconds and beats and measures options. However, when I select either I get a full stop next to them rather that a tick. The snap option is selected. It doesn’t matter what I do the grid is not displayed and it is clear behind the waveform. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

The file name should not allow users to edit the file extension (.mp3 etc). Tested on Win10. We provide Audacity training and I have already received multiple reports just in the first hours of this update rolling out from users having problems due to missing extensions on their exported files.

Many Windows installations do not show file extensions, and those users therefor have no familiarity with extensions. I’ve sent out a tech note warning people, but I’m expecting a small deluge of issue reports in the coming days about this. Also, many apps ignore anything typed in as an extension and rely on the file type chosen, e.g. whether the filename created by the user ends with an extension or not, the extension given to the file follows whatever format was selected.

that will be fixed in 3.4.1

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The shortcut for export multi files is gone, ig that’s because of the new export/import rework. But I can’t export multi files now, it throws me the error “unsupported sample rate” when I’m trying to export four mp3s to Opus, default audio options. Tried changing the bit rate from “auto” to 96kbps but still got the same error message. I’m on Win10 22H2, Ryzen 5600, 16gb RAM

I’m going to reverse to the previous version until this is fixed.

Note that bitrate and sample rate are different things

:rage:Masakra!!! Jak można wprowadzić tak niszczące zmiany?
Po instalacji dowiaduję się że moje rozdzielone ścieżki stereo ,będą połączone wraz z oddzielnymi plikami w jedną ścieżkę i dźwięk, a efekty na nich utracone!
Możesz podać jeden sensowny powód dla którego niszczysz moją pracę?
Zanim zrozumiałem o co chodzi 3.4 zepsuł mi dwa utwory!
Jeśli wprowadzasz tak głupie, bez sensowne zmiany to raczej nie powinieneś się zajmować tym projektem.
Zamiast psuć co jest dobre, powinniście się zająć choćby transportem dźwięku,połączeniem z MIDI,klawiaturą sterującą bo to bardzo źle działa . Interfejs też jest do poprawy. Filtry także już czas poprawić i unowocześnić.
Najgorsze jest to że nie ma sposobu ,by przenieść te projekty gdzie indziej. Żaden program nie czyta tego rozszerzenia. Więc pewnego dnia cała moja praca padnie ofiarą maniaka wyrównywania i renderowania.
Zadam jedno pytanie. Co by było, gdyby Adobe ogłosił że wraz z nową wersją wszystkie warstwy będą renderowane i warstwy nie będą już obsługiwane? To jest regres nie progres.
Proszę wycofaj te zmiany.


I have the same issue as [Badger]
I mute the first recording and if I want to record another track there is a constant cracking sound, very annoying.
Can you help me with that please ? I can’t use it like that.


Is that the same as this issue? Massive clicks when overdubbing in a project containing muted tracks · Issue #5106 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

yes exactly. What is the solution ?

You could try praying that the developers are able to fix it.


thanks for the answer, it makes me laugh

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This is a good update.
Here are some ideas.
– The setting in File, Export Audio, mp3, quality does NOT remember previous settings, whereas it used to remember this setting from item to item in the same session as well as from session to session of Audacity.
– The metadata auto popup option is gone, which is sad for those who used it for every export.
Regardless, thanks for working on it, and it all looks good.
– Mark

I saved a metadata template and also set it as default.
It does not auto reload and persist as the previous version.
It can be reloaded each time from the tags.xml file but it should auto load if default.
– Mark

When I try to open an old .aup file, I see this error -

It is too long to be shared here.

Did something change with the capacity to open .aup files? I am unable to open all my ‘old’ (last year) .aup files, it makes Audacity crash on my Macbook. It was working fine until I updated yesterday. I sent the reports over but may need to revert back to previous version because it is urgent for me to edit those files (working on long audio feature).
In case it helps, the start of the crash report

Operating system: Mac OS X
13.0.1 22A400
CPU: amd64
family 6 model 142 stepping 9
4 CPUs


Crash address: 0x0
Process uptime: 302 seconds

Same here on Linux.

(@LWinterberg Can the requirement of > 20 characters in posts be removed?)

I have a problem, since new 3.4 version when I try to record something in Audacity I get a loud popping noise on my head phones/ from my headphone, if I unplug my headphones from my microphone the loud popping noise goes away. I tried plugging my headphone into my laptop but same problem. Why all the sudden is it doing this? I can’t use punch and roll like this. Can anyone help me to fix this problem? It was fine before the upgrade.

I have now reverted to 3.3.2. and it works fine (3.3.3 might be ok, but I was previously on 3.3.2). I will only download a new version of Audacity when it is stable.