Audacity 3.4.0 Bugs and request

Bug 1 was mentioned previously, exporting file doesn’t add extension (eg “.mp3”) automatically. And (Suggestion), please bring back option to bring up Metadata box, when exporting mp3 file.

Bug 2. When moving clips on a track, other tracks split from stereo to separate left and right tracks. And they each have the effects and won’t recombine unless you delete the effects on both tracks first. Happened Multiple times on my project.

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Bug 3: Recording in 24-bit audio produces loud static instead of proper recording. The team seems to be aware, but just adding it for those looking for a solution. For now you have to use 32-bit recording instead.

I’m happy to report that 1, 2 and 3 will be fixed with 3.4.1


Great to hear! Thanks!

The Metadata editing is still there on export in 3.4.0 - but you now have to use the Metadata button in the export dialog to invoke the metadata editor (rather than Audacity nagging you for metadata even on those occasions where you don’t want/need it):


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It always had a check box for it not to “bother” you again. But for those of us who use it, it’s nice to have it come up automatically, as it did, if you didn’t disable it by clicking just once.

Here’s another couple of Export nuisances in 3.4.0:
A: The dialog panel may know where the top of the screen is, but doesn’t know where the bottom is. As a consequence, I’m losing the buttons at the bottom of the panel when I have Audacity in quarter-screen view, as I mostly do. I don’t see any way of saving the position of the export dialog panel so that I can see the buttons every time.
B: Splitting the File>Export menu into separate Audio and Other options: There is no keyboard shortcut to Other options, which makes it more difficult to export labels.

Then just set up custom shortcuts for those two commands in Shortcuts preferences.

See: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual


will the drag drop be resolved? i just like dragging stuff on the workspace - not file > import extra steps.

Not sure what you mean, drag’n’drop worked in 3.3.3 and also works in 3.4.0

thanks for getting back. w 3.3, i could just drag an mp3/flac/aup onto the workspace and it would open.

now it tells me i need to import the files. it’s the equivalent of windows (or any os) asking you to ‘file open’ vs dbl click after an update. or vlc no longer allowing you to ‘drop a mp3’ in the open window, but instead use the file>open…

I was able to drag and drop a file okay, but it had to be to a blank spot in the window for it to work for me (not on an existing track).

i got an error staying uncompressed or raw be opened via file>import. and mp3 will not open. but will in 3.3

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