Audacity 3.3 is out

By and large this is a quiet update, with most of the work being done under the hood. Some noteworthy changes:

  • Some built-in effects are realtime capable now
  • A new Shelf Filter effect has been added, it’s in the EQ & Filters category
  • An initial (beta) version of a beats and measures feature has been added, you can enable it via View → Toolbars → Time Signature Toolbar (beta), then right-clicking the timeline to change to beats and measures, and then changing the snapping and time and selection toolbar clocks to a beats format.
  • A new vertical ruler (Linear (dB)) has been added, you can enable it by right-clicking on the vertical ruler.
  • Project Rate has been moved to the Audio Setup button → Audio Settings and renamed Project Sample Rate

More changes can be found in the changelog: Audacity 3.3 - Audacity Support
Smaller patches (e.g. Audacity 3.3.3) can be found in there as well.


Hello, a comment on the new version 3.3.0: I find it unfortunate that I no longer have the sample rate display because I use it regularly to adjust different recordings, now you have to make additional gestures and adjust the sample rate to each project in a menu. It’s complicated and a source of error because you have to re-configure on a case-by-case basis in the preference/audio settings menu. THANKS TO THE TEAM :grinning:


Thanks for your feedback. I’m curious, why do you need to change your sample rate so often?

I agree with @Clovis1 !! Why did you get rid of the Sample Rate toolbar? I usually record in 48k, of course, but I have clients that need 22k and other clients that need 44k. It used to be so easy to change and you just got rid of it for no reason. Please put it back!


For exporting, the plan is to have a window something like this, so you can just change sample rate during the export. Would that solve your issue? @linneas88 @Clovis1
Export window

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Yes that would be adequate for me, but how long will it take to implement the change?

The backend change for that already is mostly done and awaiting code review, the dialog itself should follow closely afterwards. The time for this to land in the first 3.4 nightly builds probably is better measured in weeks than months.

Hello all!
It seems to me, that “crossfading clips” has a defect just now. Error: “More than one clip selected!”, but I have selected only one clip!
Anyone else with this problem?
Best regards - mikelf23

Your response has nothing to do with my comment. I know where to find that menu (and I provided the path in my message!), but thank you for taking the time to respond.

It would surprise me if you knew where to find this menu because it’s not in Audacity right now :slight_smile:

Adding the sample rate to the export menu would resolve the trouble of having to change the project rate every time you want to export something. You said you frequently need to change your project rate, but not yet for what purpose. Is it exporting? If not, what is it?

Thanks for the update.

One thing: Enjoying the beat timeline, makes it much easier to time things correctly - except for BPMs that don’t line up with the “dots” (sorry, i don’t know much of the terminology) when fully zoomed in.

This is with 110 BPM.

I understand these are miniscule measurements that wouldn’t harm the final product, but for the production it’s still off-putting having it not line up properly, especially at the 3rd beat… Further down the line this could just become tedious or confusing. I imagine it could also be a pain trying to adjust tracks that are a few “dots” shorter or longer than the beats (or figuring out which one is the fine one if you don’t already know).

I have tried copy-pasting at the point, but doing so joins it onto the first clip, which is usually undesired.

I have also tried using a second track and having it snap properly to the beat, which works…

…but for larger projects with normally 10+ tracks, having to do that for all of them would just take up unnecessary space (20+ tracks for 10 sounds…).

It’s only a small thing, but is it something that can be avoided/worked around or is it just a limitation?

Thanks again.

This is a necessity - these little dots are samples, and are running on a sample rate of usually 44100 samples / second (or 44100 Hz). Your BPM of 110 BPM is equivalent to 1.833 Hz. This can line up sometimes, but absolutely doesn’t have to.

The track is fully quantized all the way through, that is, it has these little dots in regular intervals throughout the track, even if you can’t see them directly. When you paste a clip, it visually gets added exactly at your cursor, but under the hood the samples are all aligned anyway. So in some sense, you just discovered a bug with the sample display :slight_smile:

Additionally - while samples are just points in time, they do live on a grid and thus in practice have some “width” to them. This also isn’t terribly well represented in Audacity, but what it means is that your first clip is just a tad too long:

If you trim that clip a little bit (here: by a sample), and keep snapping enabled, you’ll always be able to drag the following clip as close to the beat line as possible.

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Fair enough, thank you.

That looks very handy. I’ve wanted something like that for a long time.

It would however also be useful to have a visual indication of whether the export sample rate matches the project rate, because if the export rate is higher, then the file size will be larger than necessary, and if lower, then it will truncate higher frequencies. Maybe just a tick box for “Same as Project rate [ ✓]” (checking the tick box would automatically set the correct sample rate, and the tickbox would automatically gain a tick when the export rate is set the same as the project)

I’d probably just default it to the highest track sample rate present, and relegate the project rate to exclusively affect recordings on new tracks (and playback maybe)

I would like the ability to quickly change the project rate back. I want my default to be 44100 so I get high-quality recordings by default. But my computer is often low on disk space, so I often want to switch it to 8000 for doing long voice recordings. I need to be able to do this BEFORE starting the recording, so Audacity uses less space for the project files. Now that requires extra steps, so if I have to quickly start recording (so I don’t miss anything) I am pressured to use the default setting, which is wasteful for long recordings.

I understand changing the default toolbar setting to hide the project rate, but why remove the option entirely? What was the downside of offering the users the ability to quickly change rates before recording?

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I can’t speak for him, but I can speak for me. I generally used the old sample rate bar when editing high fidelity audio to low fidelity audio, or to hear very quickly how low I can set the sample rate and have still have good enough audio quality in order to save file size for video game things. It’s a pretty niche thing but it’s actually genuinely a dealbreaker for me with this new update, which is a shame because I really like the new real time effects features. It would be great to have an option to toggle the old bar.

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Just downloaded Audacity 3.3.0 (Win 10 home 64bit), created an new label track (Tracks->Add New->Label Track), selected Extra->Scriptables II->Set Track…, pushed OK-button (even after selecting nothing) and Audacity crashed after giving a bug report. This doesn’t happened with Audacity 3.2.4. Can somebody verify this?

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I can reproduce this and made a bug here: