Audacity 2.3.0 - Effects: "Sort or Group" bug


I just installed Audacity Version 2.3.0, but I’ve run into some issues using external plugins.

If you go into preferences , select Effects and change Sort or Group from its original setting “Sorted by Effect Name” to “Grouped by Type” the program will become unresponsive, and eventually a bunch of pop-up boxes will display (not at the same time, but after one is acknowledged another will pop up).
"Attempting to initialize the following effect failed: MTremolo. More information may be available here → show log.
Mtremolo is just an example. Audacity will also complain about a handful other plugins.

When the pop-up boxes eventually disappear the affected effects will be visible under “Effect → Unknown” and they can not be used. But if the setting Sort or Group is left with its original setting, - they can be used.

When audacity is exited it will not start again - Unless audacity.cfg which is located under %appdada% → Roaming → Audacity, is modified or deleted

Other: I’m using Windows 10 Home, version 1803

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Grouped by type works fine for me on W10 with Audacity’s standard released set of plug-ins that the download comes with.

This looks like a problem with your optional Mtremolo plug-in



Yep, you’re correct, it works with the standard plugins.

It’s not the plugin that’s at fault though. It works with version 2.2.1 (I used that version of Audacity previously). The plugin also works with this version 2.3.0, unless I mess with the Sort or Group setting.

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In what way do you modify it to get Audacity working again?

By modifying the “GroupBy” parameter. It needs to be set to GroupBy=sortby:name, and then the program starts to work again.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue on Linux. I’ll move this topic to the Windows board so that other Windows users are more likely to see it.