Audacity 2.0.5 to Itunes...Help for dummies


I guess I’m now of the age that I need my grandkids to help me.
I have an IMac with 10.6.8, with Audacity 2.0.5 and Itunes 11.1

I managed to record one LP, save it, then stumble through the help and tutorial pages, tried many ways of getting it done, and suddenly stumbled onto something that worked and I have one file in my Itunes Library. It is saved and is playable! It has no labels except the name I labeled the files as I was moving it to Itunes. It was a recording of the entire album. I attempted to rinse and repeat, now I can’t seem to duplicate my dumb luck on the first try. The issue I am having are the instructions:

Add the WAV files into iTunes
Add the WAV files to the iTunes library (using the iTunes command File > Add File to Library or File > Add Folder to Library). Note that even if iTunes Import Preferences are set to Import Using AAC Settings ( Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings ), no conversion takes place as this preference only applies to importing from CD.

My Itunes has two options: FILE>“Add to Library” or “Library”. Add to Library will bring me to a menu to select a file. I found a file labeled, selected open but it never moved into Itunes, nor does Itunes recognize it. BTW I had toggled the: Copy files to the Itunes media folder… When I toggle Library it gives me several options about export and import etc.

I am lost at sea, does anyone have some expertise with Imac and Itunes? I haven’t heard any of my albums for three decades, I’m really enjoying this.



I was very surprised that iTunes wakes up from First Birthday without showing the sidebar. That’s the option that gets you out of trouble.

iTunes > View > View Sidebar.

The top of that list, Library > Music is where imports go. See if you can find your work in that list. Yes, you do have to remember what you called it. Can’t help there.

After you Export a WAV music file of the work in Audacity (I do it to my Desktop), Control-Click on the file > Open with: iTunes.

That’s it. After grinding for a while, the music should open in iTunes and appear in the Library list — and probably start playing.

See if you get it that far.


:sunglasses: The step that made the difference was saving it to the desk top, then opening with Itunes…merci beaucoup!!!

I was looking and tripping over all sorts of extraneous files.

Two down, hundreds to go : )

I think I’ll work on track labels, editing etc tomorrow, I’ll read the forum for more information also.

Thank You!


There’s no end of things you can do while you’re transferring between vinyl and digital. Pop, click, and noise reduction, and breaking the music up into individual songs for two biggies.

There’s a couple of hidden items as well. How old are your records? How old is your computer? How are you going to back up the work if your Mac catches fire?


I’m looking forward to learning all about the pop, click and other such noise reduction. I’ve learned how to get some of these onto the Itunes program is most satisfying now. We just got hammered with 12 inches of snow, while having continuous snow cover since the first week in November. I should’ve started this back then. As soon as the warm weather breaks I’m back out in the fields growing fruits and veggies. I’m looking to get as much learned and saved as I can over the next few weeks.

Thank you very much for the help getting past the first hurdle!!

Can I post my questions here on possibly being off topic or do I need to start a new thread if I can’t find the existing answer?

:astonished: I just had a moment, it seemed as if the turntable was losing power/rpm’s…it dawned on me that I was listening to the very first album I had when I was a teen. I know I played it redundantly, I think it’s well worn and not a turntable issue. I hope it’s not doing bad things to the needle?

Best regards,

New threads please. :slight_smile: