AT2020usb+ connection

AT2020Usb+ will not install in Audacity. Mic is live and records in Garage Band. It shows up as the selected source in Audacity but as soon as you click to record an error message comes up ‘Error while opening sound device. Please check input device settings and sample rate’. But all that is OK in preferences. Do I need extra drivers or what is going wrong ? Just occasionally it will load but I cannot figure out why!

Due to recent updates from Apple, you now have to give permission for Audacity to use the microphone (See:

The microphone is shown selected in Sound/Input preferences and is live there. However it does not show up in the ‘Privacy’ list as per your screenshot so I cannot give permission.

Which version of macOS do you have?

High Sierra 10.13.6

OK, I think the privacy setting is only in Mojave (I don’t have that setting in High Sierra).

Which version of Audacity? The current version is 2.3.0, and is available via the Audacity website:

The error messages are slightly different is 2.3.0 than in previous versions, and there are several similar, but different messages. What is the exact and full error message?

You can have plain, ordinary settings wrong, too. Is Audacity set for stereo? I have a sound device which only works in Mono. I went round and round with that for several days.

Is Audacity set for 44100, 16-bit? Sometimes microphones come out of the box set for “studio” settings such as 96000, 24-bit. That makes good ads, but it can mess up actual use.

Do you use Games, Skype, FaceTime or other communications or conferencing? Those can scramble microphone connections. If you get a second between other diagnostics, Apple (upper left), Shut-Down, Wait and Start. Don’t let anything else start. Still broken?