Are low and high pass filters gone?

I recently had some computer crashes so i had to install audacity again. And now i can’t find the high and low pass filters anymore. I can’t remember i had to install these separately.
I first installed audacity via the Microsoft store, so i first though that was the cause, now i installed the download from this site and the filters are still not there…

In the meantime i will for a plugin.

High and Low pass filters are still in the Effect menu, but the default grouping of effects has changed. If you have a sub-menu for “Dominic Mazzoni”, they are in there. If you don’t have that sub-menu, search through every sub-menu there is in the Effect menu.

You should find them in Effect > EQ and Filters


Yes, that’s where i expected them but they are not :-S

A persistent file called “pluginregistry.cfg” from your previous version of Audacity may be responsible, try renaming it to “pluginregistry-old.cfg” then restarting Audacity.

Tried that, found the file in appdata\roaming but it did not do anything different in Audacity.

Then it’s the nuclear option:
rename the “Audacity” folder you found in “appdata\roaming”, and restart Audacity.

Did what you discribed, then i got a few errors. But the filters are still missing
audacity filters

you will probably find them under one of the named developers in the menu, most likely Dominic Mazzoni (as as IIRC he wrote LPF and HPF).


Why your Effect menu is messed up like this I don’t know - but you shouldn’t be seeing those developer names in the menu with their own submenus.

Are you sure you deleted the entire contents of the Audacity settings folder before restarting Audacity?

I get this sometimes when I run a lot of old versions for QA testing when I later run the latest release of alpha/beta test builds - but a purge of the settings folder always clears that up.


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