Are labels shortening the whole mix?

Hi there

I’ve got an mix with 45m25s, added 18 labels and exported them with “Export Multiple”, “Split Files based on labels”. It sounded not clean when I listen to them as one mix again. For a test, i merged the 18 tracks again and only got 45mh17s, 7 seconds were missing. :astonished:

Is this a common problem? I use Win 10, 64 bit and Audacity 3.0.0.

Thanks in advance.

I can’t replicate this testing on W10 with 3.1.3

  1. generate a 3 minute Chirp
  2. Tools > Regular Interval Labels
  3. 18 labels with 20 seconds duration
  4. Export Multiple based on labels
  5. delete the original track an label track
  6. Import all 18 files that were exported
  7. select all
  8. Tracks > Align Tracks > Align End to End
  9. Observe final track ends dead on the 3 minute mark
    18 tracks.png
    Note that I used point labels starting at T=0 and thus no audfio is excluded from the export multiple.

I suspect that you were using range labels with a small gap or gaps between some of the audio.


Thank you very much for your test. But I, as you mentioned it, worked with ranged labels:

For the export i didn’t include audio before the first label.

Hi again

I made a new export with Audacity 3.1.3, 64bit, Win 10. Only made labels by range, no other Clips in the audio track:

An the labels aber seamless with the timecode:

But when I export multiple files, 7 seconds of the whole mix are missing, that’s about 0.5 second per label.

Does anyone has an explenation for that or an other way to export with no losses?

Thx a lot, I’m out of ideas.