Applying Envelope Tool

Just as the title says, how to I apply the Envelope Tool to the audio I’ve used it on since trying to add any other effects removes the envelope

See this page in the Audacity Manual:


Doesn’t say how to apply it

Yes it does - it says

"An amplitude envelope is manipulated by a number of control points. Each control point is visible by its four handles (the small circles in the image above), by which you can drag the point up or down to control the volume level. "

and goes on to say:
"Just click the mouse button anywhere in a track to create a new control point. "
"The entire track follows your new control point until you add another one. Click in a different spot to add a new control point. "

all with illustrative images


I did though, just now, update the page slightly for the upcoming 2,3,1 manual to add a new section header for Control Points and tweaked/reordered the txt to try to make it clearer.