Apple Magic Mouse + Horizontal Scrolling

Hey, is there any way to turn off the horizontal scrolling? I have a Magic Mouse, with the trackpad built into the top of the mouse, and every time I zoom in on a section of wave it rolls left and right like a drunken sailor because I’m touching the mouse top.

I’ve not tried it myself, but there is an answer here:

(My solution is to use a $10 “Advent” wireless wheel mouse instead of the Apple mouse).

Thanks. Not sure I want to turn off scrolling for EVERYTHING – and these command line changes are only active until your next power cycle – but thanks for the research.

I know what you mean - there’s a few apps where I find the horizontal scroll quite useful, but mostly I find it really annoying, which is why I bought a cheap wireless mouse. It’s a shame that Apple don’t appear to have provided a convenient way to toggle it on/off.

Yes, it’s a shame that they didnt put something for that on the System Preferences > Mouse dialogs.

Personally, I find the left right Magic Mouse scroll useful in Audacity.


I prefer Page Up and Page Down for horizontal scrolling, that’s why I would like to turn off mouse scrolling (in Audacity only). Oh well, I guess you can’t always get what you want.