Apple: AU Matrixreverb doesn 't work.

Hi, I’m new at this forum and I allready did a search without succes. So I 'm trowing the question on the forum.

I’m using the latest Audacity, installed with a .dmg file on a Macbook with 10.7.5.

I have a whole bunch of Apple: AU effects in the effects section, and they all work fine. All but Matrixreverb. I select part of, or the whole, vocals track but the effect just doesn’t work. I also read about Gverb but there’s no Gverb in my version, so this Matrixreverb is the only one I could use. Does anyone know why it doesn 't work ?


"AU MatrixReverb cannot be used on a mono track. See the Audio Units page for a workaround. "

The Audio Units page says:
"AU MatrixReverb only outputs in stereo and needs a stereo track to work on, so cannot be used on a mono track. It seems to be the only one of the built-in Audio Units plug-ins that has this limitation. For a workaround, select the track by clicking in its Track Control Panel above the Mute/Solo buttons, then Edit > Duplicate. Click on the drop-down arrow in the Track Control Panel of the upper track > Make Stereo Track. After processing with AU MatrixReverb, click the arrow again > Split Stereo Track, click the arrow once more in the upper track and make it Mono, then delete the lower track by clicking on the [X] in the Track Control Panel. "

– Bill

Thanks, I’ll try that !

It work like mentioned, thanks for the fast reply ! :mrgreen:

If you really want GVerb, please see here for a couple of solutions .

We hope that the next 2.0.4 release of Audacity will have a new built-in Reverb to replace GVerb.