Any comments on Roxio Creator CD burner s/w?

My new laptop arrived today - it came pre-installed with Roxio Creator DE Easy Creator 9 for burnibg CDs (and DVDs). My older desktop has RecordNow! for the same job.

  • Any comments on the capabilities of the Roxio software?
    Any suggestions for settings that I might use?
    How does it compare to RecordNow!, and to Nero, that I have used previously

The target h/w in the laptop is a TEAC DVDRW DL


And now an upcoming weekend of software installation and testing …

I used Roxio Creator DE Easy Creator for several years before I discovered Nero. Nero and Roxio are the 2 super-heavyweights in the CD burning world. Both offer extensive suites of CD related software and are very capable burners. Exactly what software is included depends on which version you have, but both probably contain a lot of useless bloat as well as many useful tools.

I’ve not used Roxio at all over the last couple of years, but at the time when I switched it was not because Roxio was bad, but because I liked Nero more.

My favorite CD burning software now is K3B, but this is for Linux.

On Windows, I use regularly, and like, Nero 7.

With either Nero or Roxio I think it is a good idea to try out the various applications and decide which tools are useful and which are not, then uninstall the bits that are of no use to you. (One of the things that I like about K3B is that it is just a CD/DVD burning program and does not come packaged with hundreds of megabytes of other stuff).