Annoyances with Audacity 3.0.0

I just made the jump to version 3.0.0 on my 16" MBP running Big Sur (11.2.3) and haven’t run into any show-stoppers yet. That said, there are two things that feel like one step-forward and half-step back.

  1. Love the fact that I can now copy, paste and do a select all in the file name field in the Export file save dialog; but, pressing the keystrokes for them all cause the alert sound to play. The copy, paste and select all action work, but it’s annoying to hear beeps and boops each time.

  2. The Edit Metadata Tags model saves the position, but not the size of the modal. In recent versions, if I expanded the width of the modal, it will mostly stick (but shrink slightly each time, annoying but workable). Now, it pops back to the default size. This is annoying when extracting clips and tagging a bunch of them with longer strings.

I’ll probably move back to 2.4.2 for now as #2 is a bigger annoyance when working with 30+ clips a session/day.

Good catch :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

My testing on W10 shows this to be a regression on 2.3.3 with the issue being introduced in 2.4.0 - so I’m surprised when you say it works on 2.4.2.

BTW the size retention Metadata Editor size retention is obvuiosly something that we in introduced in the 2.0.x series - as 2.0 fails to retain the size, but 2.1.0 does do so,

I will be logging this as a P2 regression bug.

Thanks for the report.

Update: I also note that there is a further regression on 2.1.2 as after that the horizontal size change is not retained


Part 2) logged as P2 regression bug #2696
Metadata Editor: changed size is not remembered/restored on next use


I’d not noticed this, so I’ve been trying it out.

The “boop” comes from macOS rather than Audacity (Audacity does not have any “boops” itself), and it only occurs for me if the project already has a name and I’m changing the name of the project. For a new project (with no name), there is no “boop”, so I assume that this is just macOS alerting you to the fact that you are changing the name.

Sorry, didn’t get a chance to check back in until after work. It’s not perfect in 2.4.2 as it still gradually shrinks each time the modal is opened. It’s just that it doesn’t go back to the default size, at least that’s how it’s been since moving away from 2.1.1 due to macOS no longer supporting 32-bit applications.

It was just jarring to see it regress in 3.0.0.

Before the copy, paste or select all was broken in the Export File modal post-2.1.1, there wasn’t a system boop sound. I know that it started making that sound when it was broken in later version. It’s odd that it would still make that sound considering that no other Export File modal in other applications make that sound when pressing CMD+A, CMD+C or CMD+V (which is something I also do a lot in Photoshop, BBEdit, etc.).

It may be because in the case of this one dialog, it is not only changing the name of the file being written to disk, but is also changing the name of the current project in the app.

I agree that it’s a bit odd, but then I find a lot of things about Macs seem odd to me :wink:
I’ll ask our Mac developers for clarification.

This bug has been fixed for the next release 3.0.1


Awesome! Looking forward to 3.0.1 to be released. Thanks everyone!

I posted in another thread, but if we’re listing Annoyances with Audacity 3–the removal of “Save Compressed Project” is a huge one.

I collaborate on projects with people all over the globe. Compressed projects made it manageable for us to get files back and forth at a few hundred meg. Now the projects are all several GB in size.

So I’m stuck on Audacity 2.x.x unless this feature can be restored in some capacity.

This page in the Manual:

has a Tip div that states

You can losslessly compress an AUP3 project with standard utilities such as ZIP, WinZip or 7-Zip.

This also carefully mentioned on The “What’s New…” page for 3.0.0