an option to lower pitch slowly

im a small Dj who is trying 2 mix together 2 songs, but to progress to the 2nd one, i have to lower a voice slowly. if this feature is already there, could somebody tell me how to do it? ive spent hours trying to figure it out

All you need is the Envelope tool - icon is two triangles pointing towards each other with a dot in-between amd a blue line through.

You can then darg the blue line around with settable control points to vary the volume of the track.

Note that the two tunes will need to be on separate tracks for this to work - and then mixed (which will happen automatically on export).


That is for lowering the volume slowly, not the pitch. To lower the pitch gradually you need to use Audacity 1.3.x and add a time track. You can then use the envelope tool in the time track to adjust the speed (“Mix and Render” the track to make the pitch change permanent, then remove the time track so that it does not affect other tracks).

Note that this will change the playback speed, so it adjusts both pitch and tempo - it’s like slowing down or speeding up a record.

How do you add a time track?

You need Audacity 1.3.x (currently 1.3.6)
“Tracks” menu > “Add New” > “Time Track”

Thanks, I’ve got 1.3 version.