Amplitude statistics need

i really new to Audacity but i really love it
i used to work with cool edit 2000 and audition

i miss the Amplitude statistics
is there a plugin that give me such information ?


Not that I know of. You can derive some of that through one-at-a-time individual tools. This comes up regularly when somebody gets rejected from an ACX or AudioBook submission.


Some of that information is available with this “stats” plug-in:
Instructions for installing the plug-ins:

but there is a limit of 10seonds
i would analyze more ,i got some recording of 1 hour


No, there’s a limit of 30 seconds.
It’s on my “to do” list to enable it to work on longer selections.

Hi Steve thanks
hope to see updated without limit
love your plugin!

Look for the version near the end of that topic, it allows durations of 1 hour (“wavestats.ny”.

Thanks Robert, I hoped you would see this because I looked for that version but didn’t find it :slight_smile:

hi Rupert
where is it ?
i gave a loook , but i found only this Audacity waveform analyzer plug-in · GitHub

You’re worse at looking than I am :smiley:

Who is “Rupert”?
This is the post “near the end of that topic” that Robert was referring to:

thanks Steve!