Amplify Preset Amount Shortcut and Select ALL Shortcut?

Hi! I heard about using a key shortcut to use a preset amount with Amplify effect, (example using a key shortcut to Amplify -2), and just tapping twice for -4, etc. Is there a way to set this up? Right now I have a key for amplify but I always have to set the value.

And can “Select ALL” be shortcuttedc to a keystroke? I looked for relevant info, but not finding it yet.

Maybe someone can steer me straight.

First you need to set up a Macro that contains the amplification (personally I would use Normalize rather than Amplify)
In the Macro set the level you want to Normalize to in the parameter settings

Then create a shortcut for the Macro

Or you can just keep the Macros Palette open and pick your Macro when you need it.


@waxcylinder Much appreciated! Applying this now.

The shortcut for Select All is Command+A.
– Bill

@billw58 Thx! Short enough shortcut for me.