Ambience plug in not showing up

I have windows 8, and it seems for all the expensive recording programs out there, Audacity is the ONLY one that does not lock up and freeze on this system. Go figure. However, I hate the reverbs available so I downloaded Ambience. I am using Audacity 2.0.4 version.

I downloaded the plug in, then manually extracted it into the plug ins folder. Everything is a .ny file in there except for Ambience files which are .dll

However, I open up Audacity to insert this onto my vocal track and it is no where to be found. Audacity does not search for new plug ins, it just opens. So I am wondering if this is a software program, at this point.

Any help is appreciated.


Please see here for a possible explanation: Missing features - Audacity Support .

Even Reverb Audacity Manual ? Why is that?

Did you read this FAQ explaining that you have to set a VST rescan in Effects Preferences as well as restart Audacity: Audacity Manual ?


I was looking for "preferences’ forever, even before I came here to post the question. Another hour of searching and finally found it under edit…not used to seeing it there LOL.

Thanks. It’s finally showing up on the list, but I still haven’t found a reverb that doesn’t sound like it’s in a bathroom or so overdrawn it muddles diction. Maybe I’m just a perfectionist. Maybe the room I recorded in wasn’t dead enough. I’ll try again tomorrow by converting my tiny closet into a recording nook. I can probably deaden the sound better in a small area. However, I still need to figure out which reverb will be perfect for my heart broken ballad. Hmmm.

OK. I agree if you end up on a page in the Manual for an individual Preferences pane, you are not told how to find the Preferences. We should address that.


There is already a menu entry in the side navigation bar at the top left of the manual page called “Preferences” and the browser’s “back button” should take the reader back (unless they launch links onto a new page).

But yes, we can look into improving the navigation

@Gale: I have responded to your suggestion in the 2.0.6-alpha manual.


Well, considering all my other software trials it was under “file”, I must admit to continually clicking that column looking for it, thinking I missed it. It actually makes a bit more sense under “edit”.

Well that’s where iTunes and Photoshop have their Preferences accessed from. Word and Excel have their “Customize” from their Tools Menu. Adniitedly my Suunto Dive Manage has “Preferences” hanging off it’s file menu - but that’s because it’s settin preferences for the format/units/layout of the dive file(s) - unlike Audacity which is setting preferences for how the program operates. :slight_smile:

I was just meaning the other three recording programs I was trying to get working. I can only speak for those programs LOL.

Still haven’t figured out a reverb that I like. Hmm.

Following discussions with Gale, I finally got around to adding “Accessed by …” to each of the individual Preferences pages above the image. You can click on the “Preferences” in that menu span to get taken back to the Preferences page.

See this example:

Remember that this is the 2.0.6-alpha Manual and will not be generally available until the next release. And thanks for the “nudge” to do this SGBoyd - I think this is a useful little improvement to the Manual :sunglasses: