Allen and Heath ZEDi-8 mixer not recognized

Ive using Audacity awhile..never had any major issues...Windows 7 Audacity 2.13...I just bought this mixer and it doesn't work..Ive contacted Allen and Heath but haven`t heard anything…downloaded the driver several time…I did get the computer and Audacity to recognize it once but still wouldn’t record…any suggestions ?

Audio devices have to be enabled in Windows before Audacity can see them.
Audio devices can be hidden, here’s how to make them visible and enable them …

[ Supposedly that mixer comes with “Cubase LE” audio editing software,
if the mixer doesn’t work with that then it’s not an Audacity-specific problem ].

I had already pretty much enabled the drivers and set the Audacity drop downs to where theyre supposed to be..Im very leary to install Cubase…i dont know anything about it and i dont want to mess things up even more…one of the reasons I bought this mixer was because there wasn’t any pre installed software…is downloading this a last resort ? Thanks

If you managed to connect the mixer to Audacity once it must be possible to do it again.
That you couldn’t record could be due to the settings you had on the mixer at the time …

Cubase offers more than Audacity: real-time equalization, virtual instruments, can use the latest VST(3) plugins …

You can have multiple audio-editing software on your computer at the same time : it’s not either Audacity or Cubase, you can have both. If you set up a Windows system-restore point before installing Cubase, then you can revert your computer to that point in time if things go pear-shaped.

I am 99% sure I have all the audio and Audacity settings where they should be…I hadn’t considered installing Cubase but it looks like I may have to…this is frustrating because the computer and Audacity have both recognized it but wouldn’t record…I cant help but believe there is a simple fix for this but I cant find it.

Is Audacity giving an error message ?, or is it just stuck like this …
Audacity waiting for input signal.gif

No…I forgot to tell you…when I hit record everything seems to work except no signal…the device shows on record and playback selection…the track appears…the cursor moves smoothly across the screen…everything seems normal…no recording appears…it looks like I am recording with the level turned all the way down…thanks

You may have the answer there : could be some control on the mixer is turned-down or switched-off.

Ive read the manual backwards and forward multiple times and downloaded and uninstalled the driver multiple times..I finally got it to the mean time I've contacted Allen and Heath a few times but all Im getting from them is download the driver again it should work…I dont see the point to uninstalling the driver again because at least it seems to be working to some extent and my computer seems to be recognizing the mixer..same thing..all the settings are where I think they should be..nothing but a flat line..Im thinking theres a setting wrong but i cant find it…thanks

I see there are two Windows driver downloads, only one is for Windows 7.

For some reason the mixer has to be attached and powered-up when the driver is installed …

I pretty much did all that…I followed all the instructions to the letter…Im using the right driver and I had the mixer hooked up when I downloaded..Im baffled at this point…any more suggestions ?