All Plugins for Audacity

Im looking for direct download links for all plugins
Nyquist Plug-ins
LV2 Plug-ins
VST Plug-ins
Audio Unit Plug-ins
LADSPA Plug-ins
Libraries LAME MP3 encoding and FFmpeg import/export
for Audacity 3.1.3
I use Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
I’ve read links refer for Wikipedia but I can’t find any direct download links.

MP3 encoding & decoding is now built-in.


As far as I know there are only 3rd-party LV2 and VST plug-ins, and they aren’t all compatible with Audacity.

There is an audacityteam page with VST links, but it’s old: most will only be 32-bit.

VST3 are still not compatible with Audacity, (only some VST, & VST2 will work).

Thanks very much for this clear statement.

I have Audacity v.3.1.3 running on Windows 7, 64 bit. After going to the Wiki page and reading up on VST plugins I went to the ANWIDASOFT web page and downloaded Spatio Light free reverb yesterday. The ANWIDASOFT download unloads its files (with no other option) to the “Common Files” folder under the Program Files folder (x86) in the Windows 7 operating system. What confused me is the Wiki page section titled “Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light”. It would have helped if the page was updated to clearly state that the most current version of Audacity 3.1.3 does not run Anwida reverb plugins. The latest version, on the Anwida website, is titled “Spatio Light 1.2.0” and though it runs on Windows 7 VST3 (64 bit) it will not run on Audacity 3.1.3 as a plugin under the “Effect” options.

Is there any chance that Audacity 3.1.3 (or further upgrades) will become compatible with the current Anwida reverb plugins in the near future? The Wiki page gave a very good rave about earlier versions of the the reverb plugins with Audacity. Quote: “Unlike other reverbs I have tried, which sound pretty bad unless the settings are just so, Anwida sounds good at almost any setting; you just have to decide how much is enough.”

This really wetted my appetite.


My understanding is that VST3 support is planned for the next release 3.2.0


The problem with “Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light” is that it is a 32-bit plugin (“x86”=32-bit),
so will only run on the 32-bit version of Audacity.
The 32-bit version of Audacity will run on 64-bit windows …

BTW A very good free reverb is Valhalla supermassive (64-bit only)