Aligning left and right tracks recorded separately


I recently bought a USB Audio Capturer to convert my analog audio to digital. The unit acts as USB mic to Windows but, unfortunately and disappointedly, Widows sees it as a mono mic.
After fighting against driver, even digging in capturer IC, I believe there is nothing to do this way.
Now I am trying to record each stereo track separately and putting them together with Audacity.
I am new with Audacity, I find that merge two mono tracks to one stereo is quite easy, but the proper alignment of both tracks is other matter.
I am wondering if there is any tool or procedure that helps to align and put together right and left channels recorded separately.

Thank you.

This, I believe, is a Windows issue.

You just need to go into the Windows settings for your mic input device and set it to be stereo.


There is a cure …

Thank you very much for your answer.
I already tried it but when going to device configuration Windows only offers me these 2 options:

  1. Channel 1, 16 bit, 96000 Hz
  2. Channel 1, 16 bit, 96000 Hz (studio quality)

I suppose it means that driver, or hardware, or both are mono devices.

I already unsuccessfully tied with supplied and other web drivers, Windows always say that installed driver is best driver, maybe because all drivers I tried are unsuitable for this device because if I try to force them manually, Windows always says that they are not for Windows… when they are.

I have also opened the Capturer Unit and see it is based on IC MS2106, but I am unable to find its datasheet to dig more this way.

It seems to take to same point: record each channel separately and put them together with Audacity, but proper alignment is a hard nut to crack.


If both mono tracks are open in the same project you can click on the track name above the waveform to drag it left or right in time.

Pan one left and the other right before Make Stereo Track.

…It’s hard to believe that your capture device is mono (almost everything is stereo) but if you really think it’s the hardware and you have more audio to digitize, consider getting something different. The Behringer UCA202 is popular, or there are lots of higher-end USB audio interfaces.

Make that impossible : 2 playbacks from vinyl or tape are never exactly the same.
Left & right would have to be captured at the same time to be in-sync.

This is what I see on my HP Envy laptop


True, put probably “close enough” and they will probably remain reasonably in-sync over the duration of a song.

I agree and appreciate everything you say.
I can’t believe my Cpaturer is mono either, but this is what I get in Windows, whatever driver I use:

I would prefer to solve this “mono” problem instead aligning both separate stereo tracks, but I don’t know what else to do. I am in the believe that this cheap unit bought at Aliexpress is a bull shit, even that, I am sure it has stereo output and the problem is matter of drivers ( I would confirm that if finding datasheet MS2106).

As Trevor says “Left & right would have to be captured at the same time to be in-sync”, so, there is no Audacity trick to sync both.

I am afraid I have to continue fighting with driver or buy a better Capturer that guarantees stereo output.

Thank you very much for your help.

There can still be small differences in playback speed (wow and flutter) that isn’t audible when left and right are played at the same time but could cause phasing issues if the left and right are recorded at different times. You only need a very small amount of phase difference to cause a phasing effect.

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