Advice on settings/plug ins/strategy to ideally process spoken word from tapes

morning, ya’ll -

reason (among others) to get this audacity working, is i bought (and rebuilt) a 4 track tascam deck to capture both sides of my inlaw’s sermon tapes over the past 20+ years - via a 4 in audio card.

i have used many effects and features for music, but the spoken word, well, sure there are more smart folk than i who have already done this.

so, here are my set of questions…

are there any user made plug ins to ‘fix’ speech that might ‘fluctuate’ (like that of a pastor)? and i am able to take (choose) the better sounding track from each side to process.

i did note that compression does pretty decent.

what is the best way to render to a mono track from either left or right (or single)?

noise reduction tips for speech?

oh, and doing this on windows machine but hopefully, can apply to mac as well.

thanks, ya’ll. :slight_smile:

LevelSpeech2.ny … Improved "leveling" for speech - #27 by Trebor
IMO it’s better than Audacity’s native compressor for speech.

Apply any noise reduction before using LevelSpeech2, or other compression.

Split stereo to mono, then delete the unwanted track …

thanks. i took it for a spin. i see there might be a v3? and what settings if any would i want to diddle with?

looks like a good strategy is ‘rip’ save project - then do stuff so i’ll always have a fresh rip to fall back on.

one of these projects i’d rather fuss and finesse at the start than to have any redo’s down the road - esp if i were to do this for hire.

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