Advanced M3U Editing

Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone knew of making advanced M3Us that support fade-in/fade-out/cross-fading information?

The purpose would be for making an M3U that a user could “program” in a mix of mp3s without having to record
the whole thing to one mp3 file. I’ve noticed that flash mp3 players (and smartphones) seem to have a problem
fast forwarding a large mix mp3, so maybe this could work better? :astonished:

Anyway, if there is any program that can do it, I’d be interested. I’ve noticed that some programs do support
advanced m3u encoding (with fade-in information), but I’m not sure if flash drive mp3 players can read these
m3u files.

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe M3U8 works?

Is there an Audacity question hidden in there?

I thought this was “generalized”?

Still looking into it though. If things work well, hopefully I can get the times
for fade-in/outs using Audacity tho.

You know, after 3:40.02 begin fading in next playlist mp3.

To a degree yes, but this is still the Audacity forum :wink:

The M3U format is very basic. It does not support “advanced” information ssuch as fade-in/fade-out/crossfade information. There is quite a good article about the M3U format on Wikipedia:

Play list information can certainly be extended beyond the basic format specification, but such “extensions” to the format are likely to be specific to one player.

That is always the big issue when dealing with formats that are not formally specified. If you want to use a specific player you must look to see what that player supports.

I’m with the poster here - if we don’t want “general audio programming” queries, then we shouldn’t have this section :sunglasses:


Isn’t it meant to be “General Audio Programming (excluding Nyquist) for use in or with Audacity”?

Questions like writing LADSPA plugins, or help with turning Audacity labels into a cue sheet? And a few basic C++ questions?


Then maybe we should re-title it that way (or at least change its tagline), to make it clearer for future posters :sunglasses:

You know I like something that “does what it says on the tin” :slight_smile:


Well, as I recall from “sticking my nose” into Visual Basic, programming crossfades is available. Unfortunately,
you probably have to write an mp3 player using Visual Basic (there’s plenty of mp3 player “examples” online)
and probably create your own “m3u” type of config file. Then there’s the question of how accurate the crossfade
times will work…a few milli-seconds could totally kill a mix.

Anyways, I’m sure we’ll have something like this commercial (eventually). Personally, I was just looking for
a more time consuming way to create mp3 “mix-tapes”. Creating m3u files isn’t too engaging, and straight
recording a mix is probably too engaging.