Adding Reverb for Certain Character


I was wondering if anyone has added or knows about adding Reverb to an audio book recording to submit to ACX. The author I am recording for has asked that I use reverb for the dialogue of a certain character in the story. I tested it out, and it still comes back as Meeting ACX Requirements, so no problem there. I just wondered if anyone had heard of that being an issue or ‘no-no’ for submitting to ACX. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated! Thanks :smiley:

Meeting ACX Requirements

ACX Check tests technical conformance. Is it loud enough, etc. It doesn’t test for theater and reading style. After the Robot at ACX checks for technical compliance, Human Quality Control takes over and checks for reading style, stuttering, odd breathing noises, etc.

ACX, as a rule hates theatrical effects. You’re creating a book reading not radio theater. The metaphor is reading to kids at the library. The most theatrical I’ve ever heard of is using music as bumpers to a chapter or other interstitial. Not wind sound during a reading of a chapter which takes place in a windstorm.

You can submit a test to ACX before you submit the final.


I’m trying to think of an instance of using more than one voice. I think at least one of the Sarah Vowell audiobooks has multiple different voices to read direct quotes that appear in the book.

I should go back and look. It’s pretty rare.


It’s unusual to have sound effects in audiobooks, but from the ACX submission requirements, I don’t see them to be prohibited.

I would highly recommend making backups of the clean audio before adding any effects, so if ACX complain, you won’t need to re-record.

It’s unusual to have sound effects in audiobooks

I can think of a real business reasons not to do that. It’s extra work and a lot of extra time for little or no reward. That and it gives ACX something else to complain about.

“We really liked your presentation, interpretation and voice quality, but that sound effect in chapter three didn’t work. Can you take it out?”

Make perfect quality WAV backups of all original voice work.

Don’t you have a second book you should be preparing for?


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Every Star Wars book. [has sound effects]

I don’t like listening to audio books of someone just just reading plainly

I hate sound effects [in audiobooks]

Thank you everyone! I appreciate your input–I’ve sent it to the author so they can have the benefit of the information. Many thanks !!