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I’m recording bird migration during all night (from sunset to sunrise). I then get big tracks (WAV files) of 8-12 hours. I’m using a Olympus LS-P4 recorder together with specific microphones integrated into a parabolic dish. I’m just using Audacity to analyze and visualize the recordings (not for direct recording).

I would need to visualize the date and time on my recording in order to determine when the birds’ calls did occur over the night (at what time). My issue is that when opening a recording with Audacity, the start of the track is time 0. Is there a way to adjust this by indicating a custom timestamp (the date and time I started the recording in the field)?

Many thanks for help!


There was a plug-in for that …

But I don’t know if it will work on the latest versions of audacity.

Thank you @Trebor and sorry for late reply.

I think you misunderstood my question. I don’t mean including timestamp in the file name, I’m talking about the timestamp displayed on the timeline when displaying a sound track in Audacity (see red rectangle in the attached screenshot). If the recording started on 2023-06-14 at 10:22pm, I would like to set this timestamp at the begining of the timeline in order to be able to determine the timestamp of another part of the track, say 1 hour and 12 minutes later… I’m not sure to be clear enough as english is not my native language. Hope it is!

Thanks again.

I just checked: the “recording time” plugins work in Audacity 332:
they appear in the “Generate” menu, (if you can install them)

These plugins need the recording start-time in the file-name to calculate the “real” time at the cursor / or the “real” time for the labels …
record time demo

I think you bumped into Audacity’s complete refusal to become a surveillance/security recorder. Nothing good can come of being dragged into police or legal actions.


Thanks @Trebor! I managed to install Audacity 333 on my Linux but I miss the entries ‘Generate > Recording time/labels…’
I can’t find any plugin named ‘Recording time’. Is version 332 necessary? I thought 333 would show the same.


Audacity does not come with the “recording time” plugins installed:
you have to install them yourself. They are in a a zip file at the bottom of this 2017 post …

All three files in the zip must be extracted into tha Audacity plugins folder for the record-time plugins to work.

Two of the plugins need to be enabled in Audacity’s plugin manager …
'recording time' plugins enabled in Audcaity's plugin manager (Windows)

You don’t need the latest Audacity for these plugins: they are from 2017.

Thank you so much @Trebor. Seems great!

I will just have to cut my audio tracks before and after midnight in order to get real times after midnight.


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