Adding custom timestamp at the beginning of track


I’m recording bird migration during all night (from sunset to sunrise). I then get big tracks (WAV files) of 8-12 hours. I’m using a Olympus LS-P4 recorder together with specific microphones integrated into a parabolic dish. I’m just using Audacity to analyze and visualize the recordings (not for direct recording).

I would need to visualize the date and time on my recording in order to determine when the birds’ calls did occur over the night (at what time). My issue is that when opening a recording with Audacity, the start of the track is time 0. Is there a way to adjust this by indicating a custom timestamp (the date and time I started the recording in the field)?

Many thanks for help!


There was a plug-in for that …

But I don’t know if it will work on the latest versions of audacity.