Adding a warped vinyl effect


I search a vst for adding a warped effect.
Izotope Vinyl would do the job very well with the option “warp depth”, but he doesn’t work as he is a 64 bits plug-in.

Thanks for your help

alternatives include …

Plektron vinylizer …

Plektron devicer …

If you just want warp, no crackle, see …

Thanks, that was quick !
I took the “devicer”, it works !!

I have a 32-bit vn of iZotope Vinyl :confused:

This is interesting. Do you have a link to this version ?


I got mine from the iZotope site - but it was a long time ago.

And I note they have changed the GUI interface now - so possibly the new version is only 64-bit.



Unfortunately, the latest version is 64 bit only.
What interest me is the “year” knob, (70s, 80s, 90s…)
Maybe you could send a package with the .dll from your configuration ?

finally, i found out that izotope can provide you the 32 bits version if you contact them.

Thanks for the help

Glad you got that sorted


I downloaded the version Izotope gave me.
Unofrtunately I got the same error message as with the 64 bit version.
Maybe Izotope don’t work with the lastest versions… :confused:

Talked too fast !
Finally, after multiple installation/uninstallation, it finally works ! :mrgreen:

Here is my 32-bit old version running on the latest alpha test build I have for the upcoming 3.0.0

BTW if you do get this vn working do try the Easter-Egg - try removing the four “Screws” by clicking on them one at a time …