Add same intro to 30 MP3 files

I want to add the same intro to 30+ audio files (mp3s) is there a way for me to automate this?

The intro is around 1 min, and the audio files are around 30 mins.

You might be able to do it with a macro - but one problem you are likely to encounter is there are no macro commands for the Tack Control Panel so you can’t move tracks up or down.

Your macro could look like

Cursor to Project Start
Import2 (you’ll need to specify the full path of you intro audio file
Export as

Before you run the macro on your set of 30 files you would need to set the length for the Silence command in the macro as that seems to always use the last-used.
One way to do this

  1. launch audacity
  2. import your intro file
  3. Select All
  4. Generate Silence
  5. Exit the project with saving it

Personally if I was doing this for comparatively few projects I’d probably find it quicker by hand than building and testing a macro


  1. Import my intro (I’d probably have it on my desktop so I can drag it in
  2. Import my audio file
  3. Select All (Ctrl+A)
  4. Tracks > Align Tracks Align End to End (I’d probably make a custom shortcut for this)
  5. Export (in my preferred audio format)
  6. Delete the audio track
  7. repeat steps 2-6 until completed all 30 audio files


thanks for this Peter. Much appreciated! Not sure I understand the tack control bit and moving tracks up and down. but I 'm sure i can figure it out. I’ve been editing my podcasts for years so not new to audacity. I’ll take a look at your suggestion.

at the mo this is 30-40 tracks, but it could escalate quite rapidly, so finding a way to automate this would be cool.

Oops sorry my Typo - it’s the Track Control Panel, the panel to the left of the track

See: Track Control Panel and Vertical Scale - Audacity Manual


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