Add radio effects

How can I add radio effects that they use to make clean versions of songs and have it where the song stays on beat please can anyone help I’m using audacity on windows 10 version 3.1.3

The person making the clean radio edit has access to the vocal-track in isolation, without music,
so they can silence or warp the lyrics without affecting the music.

When you say radio stations have access to vocal track do you mean like acapella version then mix it with the instrumental track or what exactly do you mean

The record company issue the radio station with a clean version of the song.
The record company has all the individual tracks (stems), that includes the vocal in isolation,
so the record company can remove swearing from the vocal track without damaging the music.

If you only have the final mix to work with, and you have to remove the vocal (swearing),
that will cause distortion in the music …

If I make a Acapella and instrumental to make my clean versions of my songs then I silence the words I want to get rid of them then mix the vocal/Acapella track with the instrumental and is that how radio stations do it

When you recombine acapella with the instrumental, the music will sound distorted where the word was removed, as the missing word will contain some of the music, (the isolation process is usually not perfect).

The record company makes the clean versions, not the radio station.

Is there a way to do it in audacity with the acapella and instrumental and mix it together without it distorted

If the acapella and instrumental have been derived from a final mix, (e.g. via spleeter), then the separation is not perfect and some distortion is unavoidable, (in any audio editor, not just Audacity).

A possible workaround: if the music repeats it may be possible to replace the swear-word with a piece of the music from elsewhere in the song, where there is no swearing.

how to combine acapella and instrumental together in audacity without distortion sound and replacing the word I’m trying to clean version of songs that have already been mixed by other people how can I separate the song into stems in spleeter how can I install spleeter on windows 11

spleeter/splitter, etc, are available online.

Let me stress, for the last time, if “already been mixed by other people” is all you have,
then a distorted radio-edit is unavoidable.

You’d need to have the stems, (as the record company do), to produce an undistorted radio-edit.

Then after I get back the stems from spleeter then what do I do after that to make clean versions of songs in audacity that have already been mixed with the distorted sound