Add a button to refresh/update devices (inputs and outputs)

Hi! I found this feature request in the Wiki, but not exactly as I suggest: “Detect newly added or removed device automatically”.

I use external sound cards. I noticed Audacity doesn’t refresh the inputs and outputs when I plug or unplug them, so it would be great to add a button in the audio engine tool bar to “tell” Audacity to “ask” Windows again for inputs and outputs and update its own lists. If I unlpug a sound card, for example, the list is not corresponding names with real devices anymore, so I need to restart Audacity or, if I can’t at the moment, set input and output to Microsoft sound mapper (so I can use the Windows “selector” instead of the Audacity one).

Doing that automatically (as the Wiki suggests) would be cool as well, but I don’t know if it will require more resources (or be more tricky to implement it). I would be so happy just with a button, if it makes it easier. If not, please add my vote to the automatic detection! ^-^


There is a long-standing command for that Transport > Rescan Audio Devices


There is no default shortcut for that command - but if you are likely to use it a lot you can always create a custom shortcut.


:scream::scream::scream: Aaah, I was so sure there wasn’t that!

I’ve set a keyboard shortcut to it right now. Thank you!

It’s only easy when you know how - glad to have helped.