Acoustica Spin It Again??

Has anyone used this program? Looks like a simplified version of Audacity! I’m one of those who just wants to have the vinyl put into digital form without lots of steps. (But it does need to sound good of course).

Whatever software you use do you will need to:

  1. Record/capture
  2. Optional editing
  3. Break into separate songs/tracks
  4. Export WAV files
  5. Burn music CD

Audacity does all these things in a relatively straightforward way - and you can’t argue with the price … :slight_smile:

If you really want to cut out steps there are TTs on the market that let you “record” a vinyl LP straight to a CD with no computer involved.


Thanks for the reply. It’s obvious that the do-it-all turntables are low-end.

Yup, most of the ones that I’ve seen are anyway.

I started out with a USB TT for my transcription project - but soon junked it. The elctronics were fine but the platter was far too light and gave noticeable wow&flutter. Instead I resurrected my old “proper” TT from the attic and bought an ART phono pre-amp and an Edirol USB soundcard. I obtained much better results with that.