About seting new volume

Hello, could someone advise me on how to use the volume change? If I do “Effects” and “Amplifie”, it takes a lot longer than “Effects” and “Normalize”. Usually when it comes to music obtained through vinyl record players, I use “Normalize” since the grounding of this type of player is not usually as good as that of CDs. But because it is very fast, I am curious about the differences.

Do both of these commands perform the same operation? When should I use one and when should I use another?

Thank you very much.

I’m using:

Linux Mint MATE 1.22.2 - LightDM Distro: Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia - base: Ubuntu 18.04 bionic
Audacity 2.2.1
I’m not sure about the release I’m using but I’ve installed Audacity using Application Manager which came with Linux Mint

Could it be important too: my PC is a HP 1000 Notebook with Intel I3 and 4GB RAM. If i’ve missed something, please ask me.

Thank you.

That’s surprising. For me, Normalize takes longer than Amplify, which is what I would expect because (by default) Normalize does DC offset correction as well as amplifying.

There’s a detailed comparison of these two effects here: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/amplify_and_normalize.html

I just ran some speed tests on a one hour stereo chirp.

For me Normalize is always a little slower than Amplify

  1. No DC removal and joint channel normalization
    Amplify 24 secs v. Normalize 29 secs

  2. DC removal and joint channel normalization
    Amplify 28 secs v. Normalize 32 secs

  3. No DC removal and independent channel normalization
    Amplify 25 secs v. Normalize 34 secs


waxcylinder and steve, you’re right: I’ve checked and actually “Amplify” is a bit faster than “Normalize”.

As recommend in the manual, I will use the “Normalize” command only when there is DC offset and even then only with the “Normalize stereo channels independently” option unchecked.

Thank you.