Ability to drag tracks is removed in 3.3.3

I really hate that the tool to drag tracks has been removed in 3.3.3. I found that super helpful in previous versions. Please bring it back!

It has not been “taken away” - merely the mechanism for doing it has be changed and simplified so that you no longer have t change tool mode,

To drag tracks/clips around bow all you need to do is click&drag on the clip-handle drag-bar the strip at the top of the upper track in a stereo pair or the strip at the top of a mono track.

Please see this page in the manual: Audio Tracks and Clips - Audacity Manual


Oh! Thanks so much! I wish that was more obvious, but thanks for pointing that out!

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When I do that it complete wipes the audio on the right hand side and nothing allows it to be moved, it simply removes it.

sounds you’re trying to grab the edge to trim it, instead of the center to move it. Make sure your cursor is a hand before dragging the clip.