a single maddening click

I am recording vocals to Sibelius-generated accompaniment. Finally got a near-perfect one, and listening back there’s a maddening click toward the end, on the vocal track. Not loud, but noticeable. I have no idea what caused it, nor how to get rid of it. What’s the best way? I zoomed in, selected it and ran the Click Removal Effect, but couldn’t tell any difference. Maybe I don’t know how to use it. Using Audacity 2.4.1 on Mac OS 10.15.7 Tnx. Tom in Texas

If the click is less than 128 samples it can be repaired.

If it’s longer, and occurs in vocals and/or music, spectral-editing-tools are your only hope.

If the click occurs during what should be silence you can paste over some noise-floor copied from elsewhere on the track … Punch Copy/Paste

Ok…I zoom in, select the click, go to Click Removal and it tells me “Selection must be larger than 4096 samples.”

Try repair, not click removal …


Oooooh… Never noticed “Repair”. Thanks.

When you use Repair it can be useful to set the Audacity Selection Toolbar format to “Start and Length of Selection” and hh:mm:ss + samples. Just so it’s easier to ensure you don’t select more than the allowed 128 samples for repair.

Bigger damaged areas can be repaired with the Draw tool (the pencil in the Tools toolbar).


Thanks. That’s very helpful. It’s difficult to select the exact wave that indicates the click. It doesn’t show up as obviously taller or more pronounced than the rest.

That’s why Trebor was showing you the Spectrogram view - sometimes easiret to spaot that way.

You may want to try using Multi-view (click in the trackname to get the drop-down menu) and select it - see:


You also might want to try Play-at-Speed to slow the playback down as you hunt the click down - see: