A humble apology

To all those of you who have responded to my numerous posts, especially those of you who have provided constructive advice and links to resources, and responded graciously to my questions and suggestions …

I offer my apologies.

You are so knowledgeable that I thought I was dealing with the team of Audacity developers. Maybe I still am. But now I have the feeling that I am dealing with (not “just with”) a bunch of people who support and promote the Better Use of Audacity.

What brings this apology forwards is my discovery, yesterday, that Muse has acquired Audacity and …

I am not quite sure where I am going with this, except to say that I now realize that you are all more generous than I thought you were. I think that you are not supporting this phpBB site because your jobs depend on it. You support this phpBB site because - well, it’s just what you do.

Me? I’m just here to learn more about Audacity. From people who know.


Hi Chris,

Steve and I (along with Bill Wharrie and Koz plus the now-deceased Gale Andrews) were the support team on Audacity for around 15 years or so before Muse acquired Audacity. Steve also got interested in Nyquist and scripting which led him to develop a fair few plug-ins, plus he’s fixed a fair few bugs over the years. This we did as our spare-time hobby.

As you observe we have not completely let go - still supporting the community here. Plus Steve and I still log bugs, but the onward management is no longer in our hands - that is the Bailiwick of the professional, salaried, Muse Team.