32 bits or 64 bits?

In the current manual (Audacity 3.3) it says that Audacity Sample Format is 32-bit float - the highest available. There is no mention of the 64-bits version.

Some posts on this Forum talk about the 64 bit version being available. When I checked my installed version - it is indeed, 64 bits.

1. Why then all my tracks are in the 32-bit float?

Audacity - Build.jpg
Audacity - tracks.jpg
2, why there is no mention of the 64-bit version in the manual?

3. does the 64-bit version produce a significantly higher quality audio or does it have some other advantages over 32 bits?


64-bit versus 32-bit Audacity refers to the app and not the data.

The data is defined (partly) by the Default Sample Format, which is set as default to 32-bit float which is plenty enough for extreme high-quality audio.

You can dial that down to 24-bit or 16-bit in Quality preferences, but I wouldn’t recommend doing that.
Quality Prefs.png
When you export for high quality you are most likely to downsample and export as a 16-bit PCM WAV file, which is CD quality - and will have universal playabilty on all apps and players.


thanks Peter, that’s all I need to know :slight_smile: