3.5 Beta and Export Selected Audio

Have there been any changes to restore the ability to easily
export selected audio from the menu instead of pop up?


Not yet as far as I know.

But I will add a nudge to Muse’s GitHub thread for this issue.

Done, see:
Add an “Export Selected Audio” to the Extra>Export menu AND/OR enable parameter setting for Export Audio when used in a Macro #5581

Meanwhile, if you are working with just a single track this simple Macro would do the job for you:

The MP3 output goes to your Macro Output folder - which can be customized in Directories preferences.


Defies understanding why a simple addition to restore Export Selected Audio to the FILE menu can’t be implemented…

It will be added to Extra > Export > Export selected audio for Audacity 3.6.

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Why not put it back under FILE menu?

Because File → Export Audio already lets you export the selection.

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Just saying – up until 3.3.3 Export/Selected Audio took us directly to window for naming the file…

Not quite. Up until 3.3, the file browser also let you set file format and bitrate, and inherited a bunch of other settings from preferences or the project. That does mean only one screen yes, but it
a) prevented us from using the modern file browser,
b) required a tight entanglement of UI and functionality to work,
c) required the user to change preferences on an export-to-export basis,
d) were items in submenus.

These things were addressed in 3.4. It’s not a perfect solution; technical limitations require this compromise. But it enables us to get going towards Audacity 4, and make Audacity a lot less complex and confusing, even if it makes certain operations slightly slower.

It’s worth pointing out that Audacity, being a program that servers a wide variety of use cases, has some trouble to serve all use cases equally well. Improving one area can mean making another area a bit more cumbersome. On average the trend goes up, but from version to version there can be steps back for individual users. That’s why I’d recommend simply continuing to use an old version until a new one comes around which makes life for you better. Old Audacity versions download

I have just tested a developer’s branch test build with the command:
Export Selected Audio added to the Extra > Export submenu

My testing worked fine - and note that I was able to create a custom shortcut for this command, which means that you don’t even need to have the Extra menu displayed (or used) in order to use this command.

See Muse GitHub issue log: Add an "Export Selected Audio" to the Extra>Export menu AND/OR enable parameter setting for Export Audio when used in a Macro · Issue #5581 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

On this basis I would anticipate seeing this functionality in the upcoming 3.6.0 release.


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