3.5.1 Filter Curve EQ issues in macOS Sonoma UI

Two things I’d like to point out for (hopefully) the next version:

  1. In the Dark theme, the X/Y axes’ labels are almost impossible to read because they’re black against an almost black background.

  2. Nowhere in the dialog is the name of the currently selected preset shown. It’s not even indicated in the Presets dropdown. The user has to be able to identify which preset is being used, in order to minimize errors. They shouldn’t have to write the name down every time they change it.


I am strongly minded to agree with this comment.

And I think the preset currently in use should be displayed on the dialog rather than the Presets dropdown.

In fact it really applies to all effects that can have named presets (both factory presets and user-defined presets).

I thought the we had previously had an issue logged on GitHub for this, but I can’t seem to find it right now.

I’ve had a more thorough look for this on GitHub (and the old bug tracker Bugzilla) and I can’t find it - so I’ll go ahead and log it.

Withe the moving of the action buttons back to the bottom of the effects’ dialogs there is space at the top to the right of the Presets button for the name of the setting currently in play



I have just logged this:


Thank you! If I could mention one further issue regarding this, it’s that renaming any currently selected EQ opens a dialog with no name in it. It would seem trivial to display the name so that the user doesn’t have to type in the whole name again when, e.g., making a new EQ with only a minor tweak in it.