3.4 bug - Why is Audacity splitting stereo tracks into separate tracks for each channel when I move other files in other tracks?

I am using Audacity on a M1 MacBook Air, OS 12.1.
I just updated to 3.4. I use Audacity to produce my weekly radio music program. I drag the song files into Audacity and then move them around so each segment is two tracks so the songs can overlap and I can edit the transitions.
After updating to 3.4 I am finding that when I move a file from one track to another, Audacity seemingly randomly splits OTHER files in other tracks into separate L and R channel tracks. Sometimes it’s every track, sometimes it’s just one or two. This is highly undesirable. Is anybody else reporting this problem? It’s a big one.

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The developers have been addressing stereo track rendering improvements for 3.4. If you can, please provide a screenshot or video describing this issue.

This is a known and logged bug:
Transporting Audio Clips to Other Stereo Tracks Splits Tracks to Mono


Same problem happening for me. All I tried doing was move Audio 1’s visible piece to Audio 2 and align it to zero. Pix attached…

So this bug is reportedly fixed in 3.4.1 which is hoped to be released later today.

Bug #5389 is still active in 3.4.1.

This issue was reportedly fixed and tested. Please provide sufficient information for someone to duplicate your current issue.

Def not fixed. I’m just moving audio up and down to different tracks as one does and it’s still happening!!! Argh!!! Running 3.4.2

Please provide sufficient information for someone to duplicate your current issue.

Muse are aware that this is still not fixed properly in 4.4.2 and apparently they are working on it.


Audacity is completely unusable right now. I can’t go through and the import a ton of audio only to deal with this every time I sit down.

Basically if you move tracks up and down or if you copy and paste or really do anything all of a sudden it splits stereo into two mono tracks.


Hate to ask this here but can anyone recommend other similar software programs like Audacity that I can use in the meantime? Not looking for super complicated programs (Adobe Audition, etc) and I know Auda like the back of my hand so this bug sucks…

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