3.3.3 release announced but only 3.3.2 available for download

I currently have 3.3.2 installed, and when I opened it the box announcing the “release of 3.3.3” popped up asking if I wanted to install it, I said “yes” but nothing happened, so I went to the site, followed the announcement link for 3.3.3 to the actual download page only 3.3.2 is what shows there.

Am I missing something?

And I’ve doubled checked and my installed version remains 3.3.2.


I can’t reproduce this on W11 with 3.3.2


As of writing, the latest version is Audacity 3.3.2. I expect that 3.3.3 will be released soon, but it’s only 4 days since 3.3.2 was released,

I must have misread the message that popped up, thanks for taking the time to respond.

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