2.4.2 directory and path - OPTIONS/PREFERENCES

You would think I would know better to install a new version of an application on a new super-laptop with a new o/s (Win11) while the support forum moves to a new platform, but …

Here I am, HP15, Win11, Audacity 2.4.2 and I can’t locate where in Prefernces I can set import and export folders.
There used to be a dialogue with five or six areas including one for Macro Output.

Please and thank you, where has this gone?
Chris Greaves

2.4.2 does not have those settings - they were added in a later version of Audacity.

Install the latest version 3.2.5 and you will get those settings in Directories preferences.


Hello again waxycylinder.
My forehead is sore from slapping myself.
I suspect that in the flurry of activity dripping from my learning curve I sorted ascending rather than descending in my T:\Appl\Audacity\ folder.
My audacity-win-2.4.2.exe was downloaded July 2020!

Thank you. It is so nice to be back in the real World!
Cheers, Chris

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