2.4.0 release date?

Will 2.4 be released in February ?

“String Freeze” is scheduled for March 1st. That’s the cut-off date for code changes that affect GUI or translatable strings.
Shortly after that will be “code freeze”, which is when we enter a testing and fixing only stage prior to releasing the next version.

How many versions per year do you plan to release ?

The Audacity team will be deciding on plans for the release after 2.4.0, in the week after 2.4.0 has been released.
Ideas currently being floated suggest that 2.4.1 (or whatever it will be called) may be a long release cycle.

Will 2.4 support Catalina?

Yes. The current development code is working on Catalina.
Unfortunately the release schedule for 2.4.0 has had to be set back a bit to fix some issues, but better that we fix the problems before its public release. The current schedule is looking like the end of April.

Hi there. First of all thank you for this amazing piece of software that is so useful to me and many people.

Just wondering… what are the new features applied to Audacity to justify going from 2.3.x to 2.4.x?

Thank you.

It’s not actually a “big” version jump. The “major” version number is still “2”. I’m expecting some developer discussion about whether the version after 2.4.0 will be 2.4.1 or 2.5.0, or even 3.0.0, as the plan for that version is to change the project format to a single file format (the first major change to the project format ever).

Arguably the biggest change is the migration to a common build system (cmake) for all platforms. This makes no difference at all for most users, but is a significant change for developers.

The biggest change that Mac users will see is support for Catalina.

There are also several new, highly requested features which will be welcomed by many users, though I don’t think that these in themselves justify the version jump.

Quick question. With everything going on, are you guys still looking at a release date near the end of April or has that been pushed back?

Quick question and forgive me if this post is a repeat. I didn’t see the other one I posted. With everything that has been going on are we still looking at an end of April release or has that been pushed back? Thanks!

It’s slipped a little - current schedule is for 7th May (we’ve had a few hard bugs to crack).

See the schedule: https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Next_Release



  1. I saw there is Multi-view. Can we cut-out high frequencies through Multi-view Spectrogram?

  2. Does Multi-view affect viewport performance?


Track refresh performance will be slower than normal waveform view because drawing the spectrogram requires a lot more processing. As with the current “Spectrogram” track view, larger “Window Size” and “Zero Padding” increase the demands and thus reduce performance.

How can we cut-out high frequencies through Multi-view spectrogram?

Could you impleemnt Opengl/Vulkan GPU acceleration for viewport?

With the new “Spectral Delete” effect.

That is great. Can I apply for RC01 to use on Apr 19th?

I’m not sure at this stage what the arrangements will be for testing release candidates, but I’m hoping that we will be able to make them available on this forum. Unfortunately we have had problems in the past with some websites “releasing” our pre-release versions as “new releases”. That can cause serious problems as unwary users may then be using pre-release versions for production, not realizing that it is not a fully tested release. Pre-release versions of Audacity should be used for testing purposes only.

Maybe you can call it 2.40 beta. That’s more common for people to know it’s not full release.

Release coming?