2.3.3 take 20 seconds to load of music.

I am asking why does 2.3.3 take 20 seconds each time a music file is set to be played to load?
Audacity is on screen but it does not show the upper buttons for 20 seconds.
Hope i have made my question clear.

On my HP Envy laptop with W10 - 3 minute songs load almost instantaneously - I also just tested a three hour WAV file that I have and that still only takes a minute or so to load.


Are there any Audacity music files that quickly load?

This is a 3 second rising pitch tone. It should load virtually instantly, assuming that Audacity is already running:

What i have to do is close the Audacity program that is already running a music file,i then click on the new music file the Audacity music playing screen opens but not the top control buttons, this is when i get the 20 second delay then the control button appear.

What happens if you launch Audacity first, then import the audio file from Audacity’s “File” menu.
“File menu > Import > Audio”

The way it works is when you click on the music file you want, it then opens up the program menu for you to start it.

So you actually mean Audacity application is taking 20 seconds to launch (on your PC).

My W10 laptop is a poweful processor with an SSD drive - and on that Audacity takes 4-5 seconds to launch.

iTunes and Photoshop take much longer (but they are even bigger apps).


The program does launch but the buttons needed to start it to hear the music takes 20 seconds using 2.3.3, with the early program it will quickly show the buttons.
I understand i am using older computers for the Audacity program with the older hard drives, but i also have a newer system still using the older hard drives, but it launch’s the program the same, it’s the upper buttons that take 20 seconds, so i feel the 2.3.3 program just has a lot more lines of code to transfer.