2.2.1 Install corrupted toolbar and preferences

Greetings and Happy New Year!!

I’m an experienced Audacity user and like it a lot.

In the past week or so, I extracted 2.2.1 Zip file to a simple folder on the C:drive (to check it out) while 2.1.3 was installed.

After running 2.2.1 the Preferences window became corrupt (got really wide) in 2.1.3, which I fixed by deleting pluginregistry.cfg

However 2.2.1 seems to have corrupted the toolbar of 2.1.3.
Should look like this:
How to fix?


BTW you have sync-lock activated …
Sync-lock is on.png
You may have clicked on the clock-icon by accident.

[ Sync-lock is not related to your truncated toolbar problem ]

The problem with the toolbar in 2.1.3 is not related to Audacity 2.2.1. You perhaps didn’t notice before, or perhaps you are using a different screen resolution, but the chopped off end of the the toolbar is just a problem with 2.1.3 which is fixed in 2.2.1.

Use 2.2.1

Yes thank you, I’m aware of that and use it to delete recorded audio while keeping the Label Track sync’d.

Thanks for the quick reply. Both screen caps are of 2.1.3

The 2.1.3 toolbar got chopped immediately after I ran 2.2.1 from a `portable unzip´ for the first time… for Eval that is.

I’m thinking of INSTALLING 2.2.1 over top (update 2.1.3) but not if the toolbar will be truncated.

Hope the situation is described clearly.

The toolbar is not truncated in 2.2.1.
If you must have 2.1.3, reinstall it via exe file, (not zip file), and choose “reset preferences” when Audacity is first run.
That will fix the truncated toolbar in 2.1.3, (caused by running 2.2.1).

So editing audacity.cfg won’t solve it?

I’ve never seen a toolbar truncated in Audacity until this occurrence.

Will likely install 2.2.1 today depending on this thread.


It didn’t on my machine.

I get this on 2.1.3 - but not on any subsequent versions, including the alpha for 2.2.2

Probably not appropiate to state my solution to the ‘cropping’: but this happened when reverting to 2.1.3 (from the lamed 2.2.1).
Resolved by: View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars - the Icons then being repaired…easy…

Will I’ll be darn, that Fixed it. THANKS

What do you mean lamed 2.2.1? some issues?

If I’m going to install the next version (2.2.1 or whatever), will have to uninstall EVERYTHING because the current install folder is `Audacity 2.1.3´

Not sure why I did a stupid thing like appending the version number to the install folder.

I have the Audacity.CFG in a handy TEXT file for reference… because I have a LOT of custom hotkeys set, and other settings.


I’m all for the latest version [for sure] but would like to minimize headaches.

Here’s the current 2.1.3 toolbar layout.
The truncated toolbar was a pain because Fit in Window´ button was hidden.. but could still fit it´ using hotkeys.

Also like to have the VOLUME (playback) slider in the upper RIGHT.


BTW, the Subject line for this topic isn’t quite accurate.

There was no 2.2.1 Install — just an `unzip´ of the portable version to C:\Audacity 221.

Topic should read “2.2.1 Trial corrupted toolbar…”


When using a ZIP version, you can create a “Portable Settings” folder in the same location as the audacity.exe. That version will then save its settings into the Portable Settings folder, without affecting the settings of any other version that you may have on your machine. (see: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/preferences.html#portable)
This is particularly convenient when testing multiple versions of Audacity.

Thank you, that was very helpful. It’s been done and the 221 cfg file is in there!

What would happen if you weren’t paying attention and started one version while the other was already running?


Audacity would start a second copy of the originally started version (Help>AboutAudacity can be useful to check …)


That depends on how you do it.
If you use “File menu > New”, then as waxcylinder wrote, you get a new instance of the same version.

Attempting to start a new session (for example by double clicking a link to the audacity.exe) should do nothing - there should only ever be one Audacity session running at a time (regardless of the version), though the application does support multiple instances (multiple projects) in the current session.

Personally I don’t recommend running multiple projects at the same time - it is rarely necessary, though occasionally it can be useful.

We have a cautionary thoughtpiece on multi-projects in the Audacity Wiki: https://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/The_Multiproject_Wormcan
can o worms.jpg

Ok thanks guys.

I just tried starting 213, then started 221 from portable folder… and 213 came up, or went full screen (maximized).

Closed all.

Now started 221 from the portable folder, and then started 213 from desktop icon… and 221 came up, or went full screen.

But didn’t have any files loaded. Wanted to know the failure modes if any. Must pay attention to avoid conflict.


p.s. Can of Worms – LOL

One last question… how do I add the Sync-Lock button to the Edit toolbar in 221, like in 213 (see image above)?

Am searching on-line Help now.